Friday, May 9, 2008

Going Batty

My local Wal-mart just started carrying Lion Brand Cotton-Ease. After knitting up some swatches, I knew I just had to a knit a sweater for my little guy out of this stuff. Of course, Zady wants a picture on his sweater, so I started flipping through Kate Buller's "Style Your Own Kids' Knits" - This is where I found the skeleton motif for Zady's last sweater. There are so many cute designs to choose from! Well, I immediately realized that I had the appropriate colors for a bat... so I cast on right away. I probably should have put more thought into the background color. I was originally thinking light gray, but I was eager to start and already had 4 skeins of the lime green. So I guess this will be a good fall sweater because it is looking freakishly halloween-ish. I decided to try out the drop-shoulder crewneck design from the book. I think it will be a little big - The size is 5-6 but the finished chest measurement is 33 1/2"! So I thinking of adding about an inch to the length to even it out. I'm doing a contrast cast on in black and seed stitch borders. It's really coming along nicely, and I am so relieved to be done with the motif because the bobbins were driving me Batty!!! I don't really have too much experience with intarsia, and I did mostly stranding on the skeleton sweater but this motif has larger blocks of color so I thought it would be easier. Again, so relieved that part is over with, and I think it came out great!!! I just have to weave in the ends now.... which will probably take as much time as knitting the whole sweater!
I've just about completed the front. Who knits the front of the sweater first?!? Only me. I was anxious to see the bat motif come to life.I do have some other knitting I'm working on so I don't know when I'll get back to this but I'm excited about it... and eager to see it completed.


Jill L said...

Ooooh I have never done color work -- looks intimidating. You are doing a wonderful job and I know your little guy is going to love it! I know mine would.

smittenknitten said...

I'm going to have to get that book, Halloween is a big deal in our house and you can never have too many Halloween sweaters!