Sunday, January 13, 2008

Heavenly Headband

I've been ogling the kits at Morehouse Farm for quite some time now. Well, I decided to treat myself this year and ordered three of them. I got the Headband, Baby Alligator Scarf, and Gecko Scarf.
I cast on for the Headband right away.
I ordered the "Mermaid" colorway but the color that I recieved wasn't quite what I expected. I still think it's gorgeous! I love this yarn! It is sooo soft, and I'm usually sensitve to wool but wearing this headband hasn't really bothered me - so far!
I think the yarn is Morehouse Merino 2-ply and I used size 3 needles. I used approximately half the skein. The headband is knit in a 1x1 rib (with garter stitch borders.) I followed the directions for length and it fits perfectly! I've only worn it a couple of times around town so I'm anxious to see how it holds up while outdoors for extended periods - like at the ski area...

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Bear Blunder

I recently received a new book in the mail - Knitted Toys by Zoe Mellor. I immediately found a project that I liked and could use up some of my stash on. A striped Teddy Bear named "Flat Ted." I cast on right away and had most of the knitting done in two days. Then I made quite a blunder while seaming.
I thought the whole project was lost until I looked over the photos of the beginning. The stripes DID match up so ...what happened?!?!
Now I'll have to redo the seam- but I guess that's better than redoing the whole thing. I think I will knit the arms in the round to avoid seaming! I used Caron simply soft in Mint and White on size 6 needles.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

A Very Knitty Christmas

I hope everyone had a great time over the Holidays! I was just realizing that all of the knitted gifts I made came from free patterns at -didn't really plan it that way - thay just have such great patterns...
The picture above is of the Branching Out Scarf knit with Ornaghi Filati bamboo in "peach." I love how this scarf came out!!- so soft and luxurious feeling. I think the total length was 60" but I didn't get a pic of the final project because I had to wrap it immediately after finishing it - on Christmas Eve! I didn't even bother blocking it... My bad. Here is another pic of it in progress -

I made 2 pair of the Fetching wrist warmers out of Lana Grossa Bingo each in adifferent shade of blue. Size 6 dpns - they came out a bit snug... Here is a pic of one -which I already posted on this blog - the other I didn't get a chance to photograph.

And then there was the Foliage Hat in Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride worsted "Orchid Thistle" - also on size 6 dpns - ribbing in size 5. Again, a little snug...

My mom only got half a gift because I didn't like how tight the cuff was on the Knucks fingerless gloves. Competely my fault for doing just a regular bind off. But she tried the one I had finished on and said that she liked it the cuff didn't really bother her. They are made in Noro Shikisai on size 4 dpns... Below you will see the lonely one -

I actually did make something that didn't originate from Knitty for one of my sister-in-laws but we didn't end up exchanging gifts - (yet?) I'll be happy to keep this one to myself. It is a washcloth from a Fiber Trends pattern...Bathtime Blossoms. This one is called "Old Shale" - I meant to do the soap sack as well but never got around to it. I used Rowan 4-ply cotton and size 4 dpns. It was a little challenging to start but I eventually got the hang of it!

So, there you have it- a Very Knitty Christmas!

Saturday, January 5, 2008

New Year, New Blog

I'm starting the new year off by starting to use blogspot instead of yahoo 360 -which has been annoying me lately, with all of its glitches. I hope some of my 360 friends will find me here - I don't want to lose touch with you guys just because I moved to blogspot. Use google reader to keep track of your blogspot updates. It's the best!

You can check out my older posts by going to

Check back soon. I will be posting pics of FOs from 2007. As soon as I figure this blogspot thing out...