Sunday, June 26, 2011

Keeping Myself In Check

I used to blog more regularly but life has been crazy and it didn't seem like a priority to me so I've been seriously slacking. Life seems to be evening out some lately. My husband is nearly healed from his spine injury from New Years 2010 and we are gradually coming to terms with our son's diagnosis of  an Autism Sprectrum disorder. I'm a full-time nanny so I really value the time I have at home and with my family.

I'm trying to get the knitting part of my life a little more organized and I was realizing that blogging would be a good way to keep myself in check. I have so many Wips hibernating because i forget about them or get uninspired... I don't have anyone to show them to so the joy of finishing something is sometimes deflated.

Ifind many patterns that are intriguing and decide to cast on right away but I have no intention of actually knitting them, i just want to play. Patterns that i would like to knit are forgotten about before casting on. What I really need is a knitting journal and this blogs eems to be the best place to do that. Plus, i can feel like I am sharing my passion of knitting with someone.

You will occasionally see some FOs from me but be warned, i may not continue with every project i talk about, or even start.

Even with my crazy busy life I have been making time for quite a bit of  knitting lately and i treat myself regularly to some yarny goodness. I don't think i'm ready to reveal all of my recent stash enhancements :/

My most recent FO is the Coquille Shawl by Mary Lou Egan
The pattern can be found at
Here is my ravelry project page.

I made the bigger version and used Noro Silk Garden Sock. I'm not super impressed with the colorway of this yarn but it was half price at Jimmy Beans Wool. I do like how it's so colorful and I just got the black shawl pin to wear with it.

LOVE the pattern. Super easy take along project as it is easy to memorize. I'd love to make a couple more of these, maybe the smaller version in a softer yarn that would be cozy around my neck.

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