Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Knitted Babe Zoe

Here is my first knitted babe - named Zoe. I've been wanting to knit the pirate in the "Dream Toys" book for my son but I don't have all the yarns to make the appropriate costume so I decided to make a practice doll from the "Knitted Babes" book. Well, my son immediately fell in love with her! He calls her the "string arm doll" and named her Zoe (because his name starts with Z.) I knit this doll at a tighter gauge than recommended to get a denser fabric so she came out a little small - which is fine - except now I have to figure out all her clothes on my own because the ones in the book would be way to big. So far, I've only knit her a pair of underwear- so she wouldn't be completely naked. I also need to work on giving her more hair so that when she is being carried around, she doesn't look like she has a mohawk. I used sportweight cotton this time but I think in the future I would use wool, or a wool blend.

Here is what she looked like before I sewed her together...


smittenknitten said...

Cute doll!

Joansie said...

She's adorable. My daughters always prefered their dolls to be small as it was easier for them to carry.